How to Sing Online Video for Self Improvement

If you want to learn¬†how to improve your singing voice, ¬†vocal range, tone, pitch and agility then you’ve landed on the right page.

I’ve got a great video for you that I have reviewed here and I am very excited to tell you all about it.

Yesterday I found this great video by a world renowned vocal coach to thousands who lives in Los Angeles California. His name is Aaron Anastaci.

Aaron has helped thousands of people improve their singing voice. He has worked with amateurs as well as seasoned professionals to help them increase their vocal range and agility.

Now, I have been interested in singing and improving my voice since I took voice lessons in high school and so naturally Aaron’s video caught my attention.

In the video Aaron reveals three things you need to apply to your voice today to see vast improvements. You will also meet some of Aaron’s students and hear how the applied Aaron’s vocal exercises and heard and saw results in as little as one week. Other people noticed too and comment on the great improvements they have heard so quickly in the voices of those who have used his techniques.

One great thing that caught my attention when I was watching Aaron’s video was how he teaches you to work the vocal chords as a muscle group and really gets you beyond your breaks making it easy to slide up into your head voice without muscle strain.

One thing I remembered as a teenager (when I paid hundreds of dollars for private voice lessons) is the first teacher I had teaching me to put pressure on my vocal chords to reach the high notes. She said to imagine I was squeezing a quarter between my butt cheeks when I was trying to push myself into singing high notes.

Later when I found a teacher that taught the same voice exercises that Aaron teaches he told me that it is very bad for the vocal chords to put strain and pressure on them in this way, it can actually damage the voice to do so.

The truth is that as you sing up the scale into the high notes the vocal chords should actually zip up like a zipper and if they do this less air is needed to sing higher.

Many famous singers, such as Celine Dion have had their voices trained this way. Just listen to her sing and you can hear the strength and connection in her voice as she moves effortlessly around her range.

When the vocal chords are trained in this way then the strength of the muscles holding together as you go up and down the scales is what gives strength to your voice and makes singing high notes and low notes alike very easy.

I highly recommend you head over and watch Aaron’s awesome video. It is just like having your own online singing lessons from Aaron himself. Turn up your speakers and watch the entire video clear through. You will be surprised what you will learn about how to sing.